A Step-By-Step Guide for Using a Squeeze Plate Stroker

squeeze plate stroker

Fun, easy, convenient, and super enjoyable, the Main Squeeze Squeeze Plate Stroker is a great way to get you off the traditional hand job route and into something new. 

There are tons of different masturbation tools available, a Squeeze Plate Stroker is different. It has lots of features that make it a one-of-a-kind way to spice up the time you spend with yourself. New to using squeeze plate strokers? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll teach you how to use this masturbation tool to get the most out of your special “you” time. 

 Main Squeeze Squeeze Plate Stroker Features

  • Body safe, phthalate free
  • Easy handheld usage
  • Designed with an intense pleasure tunnel and a tight entry
  • Approximate product dimensions will vary depending on which unique anatomy they were modeled after. 
  • As previously suggested, each specific type of masturbator has been precisely modeled after the anatomy of a particular individual (i.e., models, celebrities, adult entertainment stars, etc.)
  • No batteries required

Directions for How to Use the Squeeze Plate Stroker

Keep in mind that although the directions for usage are straightforward, there are lots of different accessories you can bring into the bedroom (or whatever room you’re in) to amp up your experience with a squeeze plate stroker. At the end of the day, the goal is to make you feel good, so we encourage you to explore yourself and the features of this tool as much as possible. The more you use it, the more familiar you’ll get with what you like. And isn’t that the point, after all? 

Basic steps for using a Squeeze Plate Stroker:

  • Make sure the masturbation tool is clean
  • Warm by touch or with Warming Accessory
  • Apply a water-based lube or water-based glide only (we recommend using Main Squeeze lubes and glides).
  • Penetrate the squeeze plate stroker and adjust the rhythm and speed according to your preference. Do what makes you feel good!
  • This is where the  accessories and different methods/techniques come into play. Looking to add to the fun? Bring in vibrators or suction cups for a hands-free party of one! Try increasing the pressure you apply or even invite your partner to join in. If you’re really adventurous, try taking the waterproof stroker into the tub or shower. 
  • Always remember to clean your masturbation tool with the proper cleaning products after every use

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