Choosing Safe Sex Toys

Choosing Safe Sex Toys

Choosing safe sex is critical for making sure that everyone has an enjoyable experience during sex. This includes practicing safe sex with a partner, on your own, and when using sex toys. When choosing safe sex toys, there are several factors to consider to ensure optimal pleasure both during and after intercourse, outercourse, and sexual play.

What are Sex Toys?

A guide to choosing safe sex toys starts with understanding what sex toys are. Sometimes referred to as adult toys or marital aids, sex toys are objects people use to increase pleasure during sex and/or during masturabation. There are many different kinds of sex toys, all of which serve unique purposes and are designed to satisfy different needs. 

It’s important to note that both using sex toys and not using sex toys are totally normal behaviors – it’s just a personal decision. As long as you choose safe sex toys and use them as intended, you’ll be good to go.

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Safety and Sex Toys

If you’re curious about the safety of sex toys, the first thing to be aware of are the potential toxins that may be found in certain toys. What chemicals are in sex toys? That depends on how they’re manufactured and the type of sex toy. The most common chemicals you may come across in sex toys, specifically dildos, strokers, and pussy masturbators are phthalates.

Often used in soft plastic and jelly rubber toys, phthalates are softeners that some sex toy manufacturers use to increase the pleasure sensation of their products. Some say that phthalates may be problematic because excessive exposure to them could lead to issues in the male reproductive system, among other safety concerns. When choosing safe sex toys, it is advised to avoid using those made with phthalates. The Main Squeeze hard-case strokers are all phthalate-free and body-safe so you never have to worry about harsh chemicals. 

Understanding the Type of Sex Toy You’re Using

Choosing a safe sex toy means understanding that kind of sex toy you have in front of you. Sex toys are broken down into three types: porous, slightly porous, and non-porous. Non-porous sex toys tend to be the safest in terms of cleanliness and hygiene because of the simple fact that they are the easiest to clean. Non-porous sex toys are often made from materials such as 100% silcione or medical-grade silicone, ABS plastics, pyrex, and stainless steel.

While porous and slightly porous sex toys may be safe, it is important to understand that the more porosity a product has, the higher the risk there is of bacteria and dirt getting trapped inside. How important is it to clean sex toys?

General Tips for Choosing Safe Sex Toys

There are some basic practices everyone should follow for safely purchasing sex toys. 

  • Phthalate-Free Sex Toys
  • First, always look for “phthalate-free” sex toys and those that indicate that they are body-safe. Not mentioning phthalates on a product description or a sex toy manufacturer’s website could be an indication that products include them. At Main Squeeze, all strokers are phthalate-free to ensure total safety.

  • Avoid Sharing Sex Toys
  • We know that it may be tempting to experiment with someone else’s toys, especially when the mood strikes. Unfortunately, sharing sex toys increases the risk of spreading STDs. Do your best to keep your adult toys just for you, or just for you and the same partner.

  • Always Clean Your Sex Toys
  • Follow the cleaning instructions on the packaging to keep sex toys like masturbators and strokers santitary. Main Squeeze disassembles to make cleaning with the Main Squeeze Toy Cleaner easy. Alternatively, mild soap and warm water may be sufficient for cleaning your adult toys.

  • Do Not Use DIY Sex Toys
  • We cannot stress this enough – please only use sex toys that are made for sex and not other objects. Sex toys are specifically designed for this purpose, which means they will be significantly safer than any DIY objects which could contain loose parts and rough edges that may cause irritation. 

  • Always Purchase Sex Toys from Trustworthy Brands
  • Choosing safe sex toys means buying them from a trusted brand. Reputable sex toy brands will provide detailed information about their products so customers trust their reliability. Main Squeeze is proud of our reputation. We have a privacy guarantee and always conduct shipping and returns in a discreet manner.  

    Find safe and fun sex toys always within reach when you shop with Main Squeeze. Feel free to contact us today for additional information about our products.

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