Do You Really Need a Sex Lubricant?

Sex Lubricant

In most aspects of life, a little bit goes a long way. The same can be said for sex lubricants; when using sex lubes, a good rule of thumb is to start with a small squirt and work your way up. Now you may be thinking, “Do I even need a sex lubricant? I already have awesome sex.” That may be true, and while we’re happy for you, there are plenty of reasons to use a sex lubricant even if you’re having great sex. From making intercourse easier and more comfortable to enhancing the pleasure you have during masturbation, a sex lube can do wonders for your sex life. 

What’s the Purpose of Sex Lubricants, Anyway?

If you’re not familiar with sex lubricants, you may be wondering why people use them in the first place. Sometimes referred to as a personal lubricant, a sex lube is a liquid or gel-like substance used to reduce friction during sexual play, foreplay, intercourse, masturbation, or when using sex toys. Many people find that using sex lubricants offers the following benefits:

  • A sex lubricant may help reduce the pain or discomfort some people experience during intercourse
  • Lubes may make masturbation or sex toy play more fun 
  • Sex lubes may help prevent chafing during sex and/or masturbation
  • Personal lubricants could help lessen the chance of a condom breaking 
  • Water-based sex lubricants are safe to use with sex toys and strokers 
  • Unique sex lubes (i.e., cooling/tingling lubes or a warming water-based glide) may enhance pleasure by introducing new sensations 

Is Lube Absolutely Necessary?

When it comes to any form of sexual play, nothing is absolutely necessary except consent. While using a lubricant can be extremely helpful whether you are masturbating by hand, with a sex tool, or having sexual intercourse, using lube is not necessary unless you want it. If you are interested in trying out a water-based sex lubricant, the good news is that Main Squeeze has 3, all of which are safe to use with our strokers.  

Check Out Our Lubricants at Main Squeeze!

The three different sex lubricants we offer at Main Squeeze include: 

  • The original Water-Based Lubricant. This sex lubricant is designed to lubricate the inside of your Main Squeeze stroker while enhancing pleasure and reducing friction.
  • The Water-Based Warming Glide. This sex lubricant heats things up by delivering a warming sensation that feels fantastic.
  • The Water-Based Cooling/Tingling Lubricant, which tingles on contact for heightened arousal while it conditions and moisturizes the skin.

Regardless of the Main Squeeze sex lubricant you choose, you can rest assured that each one is made with no colorants, no glycerin, and no parabens. Plus, they are all body-safe and proudly Made in America. 

Find your favorite strokers, lubes, and accessories when you shop online at Main Squeeze today. Shipping is free on all orders of $100 or more.

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