How Do You Use a Variable Pressure Stroker Hands-Free?

variable pressure stroker

Looking for a hands-free way to spice up your “you” time in the bedroom? A variable pressure stroker from Main Squeeze could be just what you need. Explore the possibilities of hands-free fun with strokers based on the anatomies of some of the most well-known models, celebrities, and adult stars in the world. Take our Sasha Grey Stroker, for example. Sexy and fun, this stroker is one of our best-sellers. It lets you easily control how hard or soft the pressure gets so you come away with the exact experience you want, every time.

What You’ll Find in a Main Squeeze Variable Pressure Stroker

Sasha Grey knows her way around the bedroom, so we’ll use her model as a prime example of what you can expect when you get around to playtime with your stroker. Prime features of this variable pressure stroker include:

  • Body safe, phthalate free
  • Full disassembly for cleaning purposes
  • Screw-on top for for discreet storage and travel
  • The end cap twists to easily adjust the suction 
  • Squeeze plates allow you to control variable pressure 
  • ULTRASKYN is lifelike and warms to the touch
  • Porn star legend Sasha Grey was used for the direct modeling/molding of this item
  • Hard storage case keeps this product fresh and ready for use

Directions for Use – Note the Hands-Free Method!

There are tons of ways to make a variable pressure stroker work for you. The key is to prioritize your preferences so you get just the fun you’re looking for. That said, there are some basic steps for using a variable pressure stroker. These include:

  • Make sure that the masturbation tool is clean
  • Apply a water-based lube or water-based glide only (we recommend using Main Squeeze lubes and glides).
  • Penetrate the stroker and thrust. Rhythm and speed are up to you. Do what makes you feel good!
  • This is where you can get creative with accessories, methods, and techniques. Feeling adventurous? Add in vibrators or suction cups. Experiment with increased pressure or bring in a partner to join in the fun.
  • This toy is even safe to get wet! Take the waterproof stroker in the tub or shower with you and see how that spices things up. 
  • Always remember to clean your masturbation tool with the proper cleaning products after every use

Order the Right Accessories for a Hands-Free Stroker Today!

Ready to go hands-free with your stroker? Our super strong, lever release action suction cups turn the variable pressure stroker into a masterful hands-free masturbation tool. It powerfully adheres to any nonporous, smooth surface and is designed specifically to fit our proprietary screw-on end cap. Talk about coming through with all the bells and whistles.

The adjustable, strong arm bends and swivels for custom positioning. Once you’ve found just how you like it, you can lock it into place. As always, please follow instructions on packaging. 

Ready to take things to the next level? Main Squeeze offers additional accessories to use with your masturbation tools so you can turn up the dial on your personal fun time. And while we’re all about fun, we’re also all about keeping things clean. Make sure you use our cleaning products to keep things ready for next time. 

Explore our wide selection today to find the toys that are right for you. Place your order before 10 a.m. EST and we'll begin the shipping process the very same day.

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