Product Spotlight Sasha Grey ULTRASKYN Masturbator

Sasha Grey ULTRASKYN Masturbator 

When you’re looking for the ultimate in masturbators, is the place to go. We offer an impressive and extensive selection of sex toys for everyone. Use them alone or with a partner to amplify your level of enjoyment.

These best masturbators are discreet, offer adjustable/variable options, are body safe, and feel like the real thing. While there are many masturbators out there on the market, we’d like to take a look at ULTRASKYN Masturbators. Sure, we may be biased, but these strokers are some of the very best available. For a deeper diver, we’ll explore the characteristics of one in particular: The Sasha Grey ULTRASKYN Masturbator.

Introducing ULTRASKYN Masturbators

The exceptionally high quality ULTRASKYN masturbators offer a number of features that make them some of the best self-pleasure devices on the market. These highlights include: 

  • These are masturbators that fully and easily disassemble, making them easy to clean. The screw-on tops keep them convenient, discreet, and clean.
  • The caps of ULTRASKYN masturbators loosen to allow decreased suction and more airflow. To create intense stroking suction, all you need to do is tighten the cap.
  • Every masturbator is unique due to the fact that we use real humans as our models for the strokers. 
  • The unique squeeze plate design lets users control the pressure of the strokers. 
  • The hard-shell, double cap design acts as both a storage case and a less-than-obvious way to take your stroker on the go. Whenever you want to slide in, your masturbator will be good and ready.

Two of Our Best ULTRASKYN Masturbators

The Sasha Grey ULTRASKYN Masturbator: What’s not to love about Sasha Grey? Not only does this ULTRASKYN masturbator have all the basic features of our strokers (phthalate free, body safe, easy disassembly, etc.), but it’s Sasha Grey, the mainstream darling and world-famous porn star. Plus she’s a 5’5” Pisces from North Highlands, CA. What could be better? To make your experience with Sasha even more exciting, consider rewatching some of Sasha’s films before or while you use the masturbator.

The Original Vibro ULTRASKYN masturbator: This item has all the basic features of the above-mentioned masturbator but with a little extra addition: a wireless remote that controls the powerful vibrating bullet with nine functions available.

Are you ready to kick up your pleasure a notch?

Order Your Sasha Grey ULTRASKYN Masturbator Today!

Main Squeeze provides a wide selection of products modeled after some of the world's most sensuous women, Sasha Grey included. But we don't stop there. We offer an impressive selection of accessories to enrich further your enjoyment. Our Tingling/Cooling Water Based Lubricant, for example, is perfect for spot application on the body or as a lubricant with your Main Squeeze Stroker.

Then of course there’s our Suction Cup, which offers hands-free fun. Winter chill got you feeling uncomfortably cold? Use this toy when drawing a warm bath or in a hot shower. You’ll also enjoy our warming accessory or our Warming Water-Based Glide.

Most importantly, don’t forget to use our Toy Cleaner after every session to keep your toys clean and viable for as long as possible.

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