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Keeping your sex toys clean is a critical part of safely enjoying their use. Consider this your guide for cleaning sex toys. Read on to pick up some sex toy cleaning tips along the way. 

Why Do You Need to Clean Sex Toys?

Bacteria thrives in damp, wet environments, which makes just-used sex toys prime breeding grounds. Lingering bodily fluids, lube, and general moisture may increase the risk of bacteria and fungi growing on sex toys. No one wants to introduce these into the body, so learning how to clean sex toys is crucial. 

The Basic Rules for Cleaning Sex Toys

The first thing to know about cleaning sex toys is to find out what your sex toy is made of: is it a porous or nonporous sex toy? Porous sex toys are significantly more prone to trapping dirt, dust, bacteria, and fungi. Additionally, they take longer to dry out, which increases the risk of these substances lingering. Nonporous sex toys are still susceptible to bacteria growth, but less so, which typically makes them the safer option as far as hygiene is concerned. 

A rule of thumb for cleaning anything you’re putting into or onto your body is to clean it as soon as you take it out of its packaging; this includes sex toys. Even brand new products may be subject to accumulating dust in transit.

As for cleaning methods for sex toys, there are typically 2 ways:

  1. Wash the sex toy in warm, soap water, rinse, and dry. Always make sure to use mild hand or dish soap and opt for an unscented variety. While the soap and water method is good on its own, it may not be sufficient for eliminating all of the bacteria.
  2. Use a sex toy cleaner. Safe and effective, sex toy cleaners are made specificaly for this purpose and will keep your toy in good condition. Look for high quality sex toy cleaners made without tricolsan, sulfates, parabens, or colorants for optimal safety. Sex toy cleaner sprays can be great for using right after you use the sex toy to kill bacteria and followed up with by a deeper soap and water clean afterwards.  
Tips for Cleaning Masturbators & Strokers (Main Squeeze) 

It’s important to clean all sex toys right after use, but especially masturbators and strokers. These types of sex toys can be difficult to keep clean due to their narrow holes and crevices. The trick to keeping a maturbator or stroker clean is to start by flushing out the tunnel. Hold the opening up to the water faucet and turn it on. Flush out the interior thoroughly and follow up by washing with warm water and unscented soap.

How Often Should You Clean Your Sex Toys?

We know it’s not the sexiest thing to think about right after sex, but cleaning sex toys after each use is recommended. After all, safety comes first! 

Some people also wash their sex toys before using them, especialy if it’s been a while since they last used the toy. This can be useful for any lingering dust, dirt, or lint.

A final note on sex toy cleaning tips – you still need to clean your sex toy even if you use a condom. While condoms help prevent the spread of bacteria and STIs, nothing is 100% so it’s best to err on the side of caution. 

The Clean Way to Store Sex Toys

Last but certainly not least, how you store your sex toy when it’s not in use is part of keeping it clean. You may use the original packaging, store it in a plastic container designed for holding sex toys, or put it in a satin bag made specifically for this purpose.

Keep your sex toys clean all the time so you’re good and ready whenever the mood strikes. Main Squeeze Toy Cleaner is a hygienic, safe, and effective sex toy cleaner packaged in a spray bottle for convenient application. Get yours today!
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