Should You Buy an ULTRASKYN Masturbator With a Hard Outer Case?

uniquely textured ULTRASKYN masturbator with hard outer case

Looking for something sexy to spice up your “you” time? The ULTRASKYN masturbator with a hard outer case could be it. People everywhere are discovering just how fun this masturbation tool can be. It has a unique texture and comes in several different models so you can find the one that makes you come alive. Stay satisfied for longer and open yourself up to something new with the hard-case ULTRASKYN masturbator. 

Benefits of the ULTRASKYN Masturbator

Not sure if the ULTRASKYN Masturbator is right for you? We’ll show you just how beneficial this realistic toy can be and, before you know it, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t order it sooner. Some of the reasons people love playing with ULTRASKYN masturbators are the following:

  • It’s a great tool for beginners looking to learn how to masturbate easily and quickly.
  • You can use this tool time and time again – it’s designed to be reusable.
  • The ULTRASKYN masturbator is discreet. Take it with you on a trip or in your luggage and your travel buddies won’t be the wiser to what you’re doing in your spare time. 
  • You can control stimulation.
  • This toy comes in several different models so you can find the one that is just right for you.
  • Using this masturbator resembles actual sex more closely than lots of other masturbation methods.
  • Tons of people say they find the ULTRASKYN masturbator to be more pleasurable than traditional masturbation. We’ll defer to user experience on that one.

ULTRASKYN Masturbator Features

Every ULTRASKYN Masturbator has the following features, which make it a safe, fun, and pleasurable experience: 

  • Body safe, phthalate-free
  • Full disassembly for cleaning purposes
  • Screw-on top for for discreet storage and travel
  • The end cap twists to easily adjust the suction 
  • Squeeze plates allow you to control variable pressure
  • ULTRASKYN is lifelike and warms to the touch. No partner needed. Just you and yourself
  • Most models are molded directly from a specific model, celebrity or adult star’s anatomy

Tips For How to Use the ULTRASKYN Masturbator With Hard Case

Looking to get the most out of your ULTRASKYN Masturbator? Follow these pointers to take you past the tip and into the true experience. 

  • Always make sure that the masturbator is clean before you use it.
  • Clean the masturbator after every use. Use Main Squeeze cleaning products; they’re made exclusively for this purpose.
  • Take advantage of the full range of the toy, including its unique texture and the accessories that can go along with it. Don’t be shy to experiment with all that it has to offer so you can find what works best for you!
  • Apply a water-based lube or water-based glide only (we recommend using Main Squeeze lubes and glides).

Order Your ULTRASKYN Masturbator With a Hard Outer Case Today!

Set yourself up to get the most out of your self-pleasure time with Main Squeeze. In addition to our main toys, we also have lots of accessories to make your experience even better.

Ready to try the ULTRASKYN out for yourself? You won’t be disappointed. In fact, we dare to say you’ll be more than satisfied. Order your ULTRASKYN Masturbator with the Hard Outer Case today to receive it within 4-8 business days. Shipping is free for orders of $100 or more. 

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