The Original Vibro: What is it and What are its Benefits?

 The Original Vibro: What is it and What are its Benefits?

Although we carry a wide selection of self-pleasure devices, there’s nothing quite like the original. We’re referring to the Original Vibro, a tried-and-true sex toy that has withstood the test of time. 

Give it a test run and you’ll instantly see why you’ll always want to keep The Original Vibro within reach. With a powerful nine function vibrating bullet, this toy dials up the intensity to whichever level you prefer. The vibrator operates courtesy of a wireless remote and is self-contained in the ULTRASKYN insert. But the fun doesn't stop there! Far from it.

The Original Vibro

A different textured interior is featured for each ULTRASKYN sleeve to introduce a unique experience each and every time. Every stroker comes with a hard-shell, double cap design storage case that makes for discreet travel wherever you want to take your toy. This keeps your Main Squeeze ready and fresh for anytime and virtually anywhere.

To store the Original Vibro, all you need to do is power off the battery and remove the vibrating bullet.


  •   Completely and easily disassembles for cleaning, which is recommended after every use.
  •   Stores discreetly courtesy of the screw on top.
  •   Suction strength can be adjusted courtesy of the end twist cap.
  •   Warms to the touch, courtesy of lifelike ULTRASKYN.
  •   Wireless remote controls the vibrating bullet with nine powerful functions.
  •   The opening is realistically lifelike.
  •   The ULTRASKYN masturbator is uniquely textured with a hard outer case.


  •   10.5-inch circumference
  •   3.3-inch width
  •   8.7-inch usable length
  •   9-inch total length

Our Line of Main Squeeze Masturbators

Put the power in your own hands with one of our Main Squeeze hard case masturbators. Each stroker features a suction adjusting endcap. You can vary each stroke’s tightness with the squeeze plate. Plus, the opening is perfectly lifelike. Your masturbator can be whoever you want it to be. Each ULTRASKYN stroker is modeled after an actual person, many of them mainstream celebrities, porn stars, and/or models.

Why Shop at Main Squeeze?

In addition to providing a vast array of high-quality but affordable products, we always offer discreet shipping so there’s no worry about anyone catching on…unless you want to spread the word about the fun you’ve been having.

We also offer a privacy guarantee. Your personal information will not be shared or sold beyond what is absolutely necessary for your order to be successfully completed.

Don't Wait Another Minute! Get The Original Vibro Here!

Main Squeeze carries an impressive selection of products, including guys, girls, and accessories to further your enjoyment. However you play, always make sure to use our Toy Cleaner after every session so your Main Squeeze stays clean and in tip top condition for the long haul.

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