What Is a Hardcase Stroker and Do You Need One?

hardcase stroker

The answer to “Do you need a hardcase stroker?" is of course “YES,” but we should talk about why. Before we jump into that, if you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of hardcase strokers, it’s probably a good idea to get acquainted. A hardcase stroker goes by various names based on the brand that makes it, but the goal is always the same: to replicate real-life anatomy in a way that makes you come into some serious self-pleasure. The shape of a hardcase stroker looks somewhat like a flashlight. The inner sleeve of the stroker can be seen once the cap is unscrewed. 

How does a hardcase stroker feel? Amazing, but more specifically, when someone masturbates with a hardcase stroker, the sensation they feel should mimic that of actual sex. Use them in the bedroom, or the bathtub/shower; it’s fine to get them wet, since most hardcase strokers are waterproof. Plus they’re discreet, so if you’re looking to take your new best friend with you on a trip, no one has to be the wiser to what you’re doing solo in your hotel room. 

The Interior of a Hardcase Stroker

The  interior sleeve of one of a hardcase stroker is based off the anatomy of a real human, which makes using it super enjoyable. To create a Main Squeeze hardcase stroker, we use a real vulva as the mold. This gives the sleeve all the realistic nodules and crevices you’d get with a person, making it just as good (dare we say better?) than the real thing. 

Directions for How to Use a Hardcase Stroker

For the most part, you use a hardcase stroker in the same way you would go about doing a hand job. The difference is that most people find way more satisfaction with a hardcase stroker. Who doesn’t want that? This masturbation tool can be used for solo play or with a partner. Bring in accessories or keep it simple and use it on its own. Standard directions for how to use the hardcase stroker are broken down below:

  • Make sure that the stroker is clean before use.
  • Add a decent amount of water-based lube to the interior and to your penis. If possible, warm everything up before using the stroker with an accessory.
  • Insert your penis into the stroker and start slowly. What’s the rush? Twist and turn the stroker to create the most pleasurable experience. You can use a squeeze plate on the sides of the stroker to increase the pressure inside.
  • Make sure you thoroughly clean the stroker when you are done using it. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations so you can keep the toy in its best condition possible. Pro tip: use Main Squeeze cleaning products made specifically for this purpose. 

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