Top Main Squeeze Products and Why Everyone Loves Them


Main Squeeze productsWith our Main Squeeze products, you can take your sexual pleasure up a notch – and then some. Whether you use our toys alone or with a partner, Main Squeeze products have the potential to enhance your sexual experiences to heights you may never have thought achievable. We offer a privacy guarantee, discreet shipping, and a 90-day warranty on our products. We have a vast selection of toys from which to choose, in addition to accessories that go perfectly with them.

All of our strokers are modeled after actual people, including models, porn stars, mainstream celebrities, and more. Our products are affordable and built to last with proper cleaning and care

We’ll Help You Get to Know Our Guys and Gals

There’s nothing better than having a stroker modeled after a real person, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you use Main Squeeze products. But maybe you want more. Maybe you want a little more information about each toy you’re playing with. For that, we’ve supplied you with just the details you need. Here are a few examples:

  • Brittanya187 is one of our social media girls and an internationally recognized star. At 120 pounds and 5’ 2”, her measurements are 36”, 27”, 40”. Her bra size is 34C, her eyes are brown, and she is from Las Vegas, Nevada. She’s a Cancer, which means she’s an emotional, homey water sign. 
  • Ryan Bones is one of our male stoker models. Ryan weighs 225 pounds and is 6 feet tall. He hails from Montréal, Québec, Canada, and is a Taurus (ahem, bull) through and through.
  • Lulu Chu is a petite pinup from our line of porn stars. With a 22-inch waist, 32B bra size, and standing at just 5’ tall, Lulu’s Capricorn sign makes her especially compatible with fellow earth signs.

We Provide High Quality, Affordable Strokers

Each of our strokers…

  • Has a cap that loosens to allow decreased suction and more airflow.; To create intense stroking suction, simply tighten the cap. 
  • Fully disassembles for easier cleaning. The screw-on top keeps it convenient, and clean clean.
  • The hard-shell, double cap design is both a storage case and a discreet travel method. Whenever you want to slide in, it will be fresh and ready. 
  • Every stroke, just like every experience, is unique due to the specific make and model. While stroking, you can precisely control pressure courtesy of our unique squeeze plate design.

Order Your Main Squeeze Products & Accessories Today!

Looking to heat things up even more? Try our warming accessory and/or our Warming Water-Based Glide. Take a break from snow shoveling and sidewalk salting with a hands-free session courtesy of our Suction Cup. Perfect for a warm bath or in a hot shower. 

When things get nice and steamy, cool down with our Tingling/Cooling Water Based Lubricant. It’s perfect for spot application on the body or as a lubricant inside your Main Squeeze Stroker. 

And of course, always use our Toy Cleaner after every session to keep your toys clean and viable for as long as possible.

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